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FS: SO CAL 4 OEM Wheels and Tires with 26k miles - $100

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Los Angeles
SOLD: SO CAL 4 OEM Wheels and Tires with 26k miles - $100

Hey guys,

Just ordered a new set of wheels and tires so I'm getting rid of these. Not in great condition because of curb rash (don't let your wife try and parallel park your car), but fine besides that. Tires are almost done but may have another 5k miles or so left? Think these would be good if you're planning on plasti-dipping or want a set of stock ones so you can trade yours in.

I'm in West LA and I'm getting the new ones put on next weekend (1/5), so ideally would love someone to just meet me at the shop and take these. Looking for $100 and would prefer not to ship. Thanks.

Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/j5Wr625

EDIT: Sale Pending (12/29)
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