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Hi from MFactorYCW

I just wanted to say hi,

I don't currently own a Ford yet other than my Transit Connect LWB high roof van sorry, I do have a number of cars though including Mini's which are the modified toys. I work with the R53 Mini in particular but have a classic I bought new in '96 and work on all sorts so far the oldest from 1934 to current as required. I work with general mechanical including performance modification with supply of parts for engine, transmission/driveline and suspension and installation of all sorts. The Ford I liked in recent times was the Orange Focus ST and nearly bought one with our Ford ticket but just never made it. It still looks great today. A couple of friends and my brother have Fiesta's that encouraged me to join other forums that might be interested in suspension I supply or ATB/Plated diffs and driveline options perhaps. I still need a website reconstructing.

I thought why not. It was because I'm an official supplier/installer for Newman Cams, plus I have Kent cams, but also for MFactory Competition Products, Infinitude Autosports, Synchrotech Transmissions, Maniflow, Swift Springs Europe, and YCW Engineering/YCW Suspension. Much of it caters for Honda but there are Ford and BMW or other marques that stand to benefit from superlight flywheels, twin plate clutches, reinforced driveshafts, carbon propshafts, final drive reductions, gear kits and other goodies including custom. I work with just a few manufacturers directly, for specialist performance parts.

I go to Oulton Park or Trac Mon when I can afford it to test stuff or just to clear my head. This is a poor clip of me in my supercharged Cooper S road car fitted with my lowered final drive and 6 speed dog engagement gear set, a few clutch changes getting away from the pit lane but no clutch up or down mostly after, quite novel really, well actually it's as mad as a box of frogs. Car is in trim bar the seats and looks stock outside and under the bonnet at first glance, but not a Fiesta I know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toQTk5rxQYA&t=2s

This was on my birthday spending it driving about as fast as I could with my crap driving haha, but with it's stock box and Quaife ATB while my other box was getting its Quaife swapped out for MFactory instead. Also my first ever involuntary off track excursion, gutted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-4nO2md1q0&t=1s

I only work at home on the drive at the moment which wasn't the plan for this year but neither was being hit by a Mercedes that pulled across my path from a drive in a North Wales national last June while out on my MV Agusta, where life changed. After a helicopter ride and two weeks in Stoke hospital I kind of lost my vision and enthusiasm but a fair bit better now, with encouraging friends telling me to forget going back to main dealers and do what I can do for people directly instead so hoping to see what works. I was very lucky compared to many bikers. I can still ride but lost some motivation, so have work to do yet in several areas.

Anyway, that's me ;O) Hope I can help.