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How can this floor jack be so cheap?

Grass Lake
That looks like Harbor Frieghts one and half tone that sells for $59 on sale. You do realize thats straight out of the Factory in China click on their contact it goes to an address in China.
All those jacks the Arcan and the Harbor Freights come out of the same factory. That is just someone backdooring the Arcan lol. It’s well known that if you don’t have strong binding contract with the Chinese they will back door the stuff they are making for you.

Thats why you have to own the factory and write strict binding contracts.
Hell my friend told me about how Siemens came to Shanghei years ago signed a loose contract with the Chinese to manufacture for them for 10 years. Then the Chinese kicked Siemens out of the factory after 10 years because the contract was too loose and started making the product themselves lol.
Its totally the wild west of manufacturing over there.
It's waaaaasaay worse than that! Companies in China are not independent of Government involvement and direct oversight.
So, if the state decides that they can leverage some aspects of the intellectual property or unique processes., They will do it. They don't give a shit about patent laws or trademarks. They don't care about safety rules or environmental controls.
On top of all that, they are widely known for using convict labor. Which is why so many things are dirt cheap!
I have seen things on China made vehicles that would make any halfway decent mechanic/gearhead on this site amazed by its ham-handed and potentially fatal sloppiness.

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