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FS Sold: Miscellaneous air intake parts

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Item: Air intake parts

Description: Lower air-intake assembly and stock induction hose. The upper intake assembly is still on the car. The lower assembly and the induction hose were replaced with Mountune parts when the MP215 tune was applied in 2015. The lower intake would be handy for someone doing custom intake work and wanting the stock bit to use for building something.

Price: $25 (cost $94.13 for the stock hose new; no specific price for the lower assembly)

Shipping details: UPS, USPS, or FedEx from Redmond, WA (discussed during purchase process)

Contact email: mysvtftoy@gmail.com

Payment method: Paypal (I’ll provide the associated email at the time of sale); sales are all *plus shipping* unless otherwise noted (Paypal or cash for local).


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