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SLD UPDATED// Mini part out S280,Spec D,Boomba, TurboSmart

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Hutchinson, KS, USA
Hi, I gotta few parts for sale some have 5k miles other haven’t been used at all! The date on the pictures was yesterday it wouldn’t let me upload for some reason Parts were not daily driven on haven’t been on long at all! Just switching to a different platform all parts will be shipped out of Wichita Kansas transactions will be done Via PayPal with buyer protection! If you have any questions email me at blackfiesta17@outlook.com

Title:TurboTechics S280
5k miles proper break in “Have videos for buyer to show the condition of the turbine and Zero Shaft play” (Will make a deal if turbo and bov are bought together)
Price: 1350 Shipped //SOLD//

Title: Spec D Red Smoked
Taillights will come pre wired for install plug and play and your ready to go!
Price: 190 Shipped //SOLD//

Title: TurboSmart 14 Psi wastegate actuator “compatable with woosh hybrid”
Part has never used been sitting in the box for the better half of a couple months bought the wrong one meant to get S280 actuator.
Price: 100$ Shipped SOLD

Title: TurboSmart Dual Kompact Shorty “will sell with S280 if you want both”
Used for about 5k miles great condition all hardware for install included!
Price:170$ Shipped SOLD

Title: Boomba Short Throw Shifter kit “comes with solid base bushing short throw handle all put together to save you the time bolt in and go!”
Price: 230$ shipped SOLD


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