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Weird Clutch Issue

I've been experiencing some clutch issues recently and two shops have no idea whats going on as they can't replicate the issue. I start getting a mushy clutch pedal when I cruise in 5th or 6th on the highway, it has gotten to the point where the clutch pedal has been pinned to the floor and i can't put it in any gear (only happens if I've been on the highway at least 15 miles). If I let the car rest for a few minutes then I can get it back into gear. This doesn't happen at lower speeds and city driving from 1-4th gears. This first happened 8 months ago and I brought it in and they couldn't find any fault, happened again last week and the shop (different shop) couldn't figure it out either. Hoping to get some insight here as I'd love to not replace the clutch/flywheel/slave if possible.