What thermostat should i use?


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I have a new mishimoto radiator I'm installing and I have both a mishimoto 160 and a ford 180 degree thermostat's. I live in so. California so it gets pretty hot in the summer. as we all know its kind of a bitch to change it with everything in the way so i only want to do this once. I'm a little worried that the 160 will be too cold for the engine to pass smog, and when that comes around I'll be 68 or older, so if i'm dead its a non issue, but if i'm still kicking I don't want to die under the car or pay someone to do it for me. anyone have a aftermarket radiator and a 160 and what temps do you run? thanks everyone, Dennis


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180 with the Mishi radiator will be best. I have that set up and wouldn't want it any colder. I'm in Socal and know what hot is around here LOL


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I put a 160 in another car. Took several years but white ash eventually clogged up the catalytic converter. This is aside from a barely (but not really) adequate defrost.


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With an upgraded radiator I would not run the 160. You will never get the water hot enough. 180 is the sweet spot and with the Mishimoto radiator and 180tstat, it will never get above 185 I bet, even on a summer track day.


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thanks guys 180 it is. Dennis
My car runs the same temps during summer before and after the Mountune triple pas radiator. Maybe I need that 180


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I would always suggest using a new one.