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Whoosh Cold Side Pipe Install and Review

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Buffalo, NY
Sick of the plastic restrictive cold side pipe?
Tired of the symposer branch causing turbulence before the throttle body?
Want to make your engine bay just look better?

This is the stuff for you.
The full aluminum cold side pipe completely deletes the symposer (gets rid of a potential boost leak even if you have it deleted - which you should).
It also has a 1/8" NPT port for your water/meth or nitrous! (plug included if you're not going that route)
Get it HERE!

Here's a side by side of the old pipe (mine already had the symposer deleted and hoses upgraded)

And a few uppy-closey time pictures:

Install is pretty straight forward.coming
Start by unplugging the boost sensor

Remove the EVAP line connection from the stock pipe.
Push both the long clips out and up to undo the lock.

Remove the 13mm nut holding the stock pipe in place.

Undo your clamps at the intercooler and at the throttle body. mine were 8mm, your size may vary depending on the clamps you currently have installed.
The old pipe will fit on the way out with the symposer delete still on the pipe along with the throttle body and intercooler hoses still attached.
Swap the sensor out from the old pipe to the new pipe - you'll need a 7mm for the old bolt and a 10mm for the new bolt provided with the new pipe.
If you aren't going with a water/meth or nitrus set up use a 3/16ths allan wrench and tighten the plug till its snug, NPT is tapered and will strip/crack if you over tighten it.

Once you have the sensor swapped and the plug in, install the newly supplied coupler onto the throttle body.
Remove the oil filter to make life MUCH easier and slide the new pipe into the coupler on the throttle body.
Install the coupler onto the intercooler side of the cold pipe and then onto the intercooler.
Install your oil filter and adjust the pipe so it does not hit the oil filter.
Use a 10mm deep socket or wrench and tighten the new t-bolt clamps that came with the pipe.
Don't forget to check your oil level and adjust as needed after your first startup.

Now take a look at your freshly installed larger, more streamlined cold side boost pipe!

Any questions/comments feel free to post in the tread and tag me!

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