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SLD Whoosh Transmission + Shifter Bushings, 2 QTs of BG SyncroShift 2, Greddy Transmission Drain Plug, Upper Mount Bolt, Aluminum Dead Pedal

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Hey all,
I sold my car and had some things I purchased but never ended up installing. Everything is brand new, unopened, with the exception of the dead pedal which I did use (and loved!). I was going to keep it to remember the Fiesta; But, I need less things laying around my room. Not looking to make my money back at all. Everything will be OBO. I'll knock the price down significantly if you get everything. All I ask is please pay for shipping. I will use UPS Ground as it's easiest and most convienant for me.

1. BG Syncro Shift II Synthetic Transmission Oil 2 QTs. -

2. Greddy Magnetic Transmission Drain Plug

3. Whoosh brand Shifter Base Bushings + Tranmission Cable Bracket Bushings. Both Red anodized - $25 for both + shipping

4. Upper Engine Mount Bolt upgrade for the OEM mount

5. Boosted Designs Fiesta ST Dead Pedal with Rubber Grips -

UPS Ground Shipping from Pleasanton, CA. If you're local, more than welcome to pick up
Please PM here or

deadpedal.jpg bushings.jpg synchro (1).jpg drain plug.jpg pmmbolt.jpg

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