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  1. Perry

    Painting brake calipers

    All-- I have what I hope is a quick and easy query for the knowledgeable sorts re: painting brake calipers. I did not go with the Rado Gray wheels/red-painted calipers package--mainly 'cause I didn't care for the wheels, and I certainly wasn't going to spend several hundred dollars to get red...
  2. Harvick

    Anyone hear the news about fifteen52 working on a Fiesta ST project?

    I spoke with fifteen52 the other day and they said they had two Fiesta STs coming to their shop soon. Not sure on the details but it would be great to see them build a Fiesta TrackSTer. Focus TrackSTer from the Chicago Auto Show
  3. R

    rodmoe's Blue by You Build

    Picked up PB FiST Mid Oct 2013 Played around with SVT stock rims and 225/45/17 Dunlop DZll but turned out as heavy as stock and rubbed without spacers. Decided to Coat the SVT wheels for tweener season use when snow tires are not needed but it is too cold for Summer tires going to wrap...
  4. Harvick

    What's the best part of owning and driving a Fiesta ST?

    I find it very a funny to see guys driving imports wondering what I'm driving since the only thing they see is the ST badge in the rear.[lovest]
  5. scottiemac

    Winter Wheels and Tires

    Picked up my ST on Friday and spent Saturday morning putting on my new winter wheels. It looks so good I may actually make these my summer wheels and use the Rado Grey ones for the winter. As you can see winter tires are a must around here. The wheels are 17 X 7.5 and the Blizzaks are stock ST...
  6. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2's FiST build

    Well, I figured I'd condense a lot of my modification projects for the FiST here. I started out with this:
  7. rooSTer

    Forgestar F14

    How many people think this wheel would look good on the FiST?
  8. W

    FS: Rado Grey Stockers/New Tires/TPMS - 1100

    Stock setup from a Rado Grey Car with fresh tires, TPMS, and Lug Nuts. Asking 1100OBO local pickup in NWI and willing to meet somewhere. Please email me at Jhgray2 at gm __!41084fa ail.com Delete the crap in the at portion. Thanks! Jeff
  9. pelotonracer2

    Sport Tuning T9 17x7.5 wheels & Dunlop Direzza D2s

    Finally got my wheels and tires installed. Sport Tuning T9 with 215/40-17 Dunlop Direzza D2s:
  10. S

    105 days later...

    Well, just to summarize my wait so far for the people who are waiting on their orders right now - Ordered - Sept 23, 2013 VIN received - Nov 20, 2013 Build date - Dec 3, 2013 Arrival in Windsor, Ontario - Jan 3, 2014 And well, today was D-day. The pictures are in poor indoor light but we...