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1/28 - MN STs January Meet

Hello! I know some people don't use Facebook and aren't part of our FB group so I wanted to post an invite here.

We'll be opening up the new year with our first event at Fuddruckers in Edina. We'll be discussing our plans for the upcoming year. Feel free to show up in your ST or in your winter beater. The new MN ST and MNFocus decals will be on hand for purchase. The cost will be $5 for a single, $8 for a pair.

Would love to see some more FiSTs present! If you'd like to sign up, the official FB event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/361061980942530/

January 28th, 1:00PM
3801 Minnesota Dr, Bloomington, Minnesota 55435

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