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FS 3 OEM gloss black wheels with four ST caps

Trader history for ThePorkTree (0)

Location: Baltimore, MD

Hey ya'll.

I've got three gloss black oem wheels with four ST caps. The wheels are in really nice condition, one has a few small dings, but theyre not curb rashed or anything like that.

"But ThePorkTree, you've clearly photographed a full set of four wheels!"

Yes, it's true. However the last one (as shown in photo the second photo) has a hole in the barrel from running over a tire on the highway. it was terrible, don't do this.

So' you get three oem wheels, four st caps, 2 good condition Michelin all seasons (Third picture with penny for depth check) two with way more wear.

If you want them you HAVE to take the broken one and dispose of it. That is part of the condition, sawee!

So i'm seeing these wheels sell for usually about 150-250 on ebay. How about 300 for the three?


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