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Advice on 2019 FIESTA ST


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Blend doors are constantly receiving minor adjustments when the HVAC is set on anything other than Hi/Lo.

Prior car with manually actuated blend doors taught me what stresses them.

Operating the blend doors required increased force when the blower motor was set for max speed. So I turn the blower down (if up) prior to ignition off.

Operating the blend doors required a lot of force, almost to the point of breaking the levers behind the dash when attempt to operate them with high negative cabin pressures. (highway speeds with windows cracked open)

Personally, I'm not particularly sensitive to temperatures as I'm usually on a motorcycle and simply (over) dress for the weather. I love heat so it's almost always on a "Hi" temperature setting. When I do make my adjustments on the vent settings, changing from floor to defrost for example, I keep the blower motor speeds at roughly 50% or below. Once it's done making the change, I'll up the blower motor speed as desired. I also avoid changing vent/temp settings at highway speeds (70+MPH) while the windows are open.

Frigid temperatures also stress them. So when I first start the car, I try to give it a dozen seconds or so before hitting max defrost... then *immediately* crank down the blower motor speed. After it slloowwllyy moves into position (you can hear all this,) I then put the blower motor speed back to max.

Given prior experiences I don't anticipate experiencing any issues with it for a very long time if ever. If I just treat it as normal and leave it on 75°F and adjust under any circumstance, (in other words, use as intended,) then I'd expect the kind of failures that I've been reading about.


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You mentioned that this grabbing in first gear only happened when turning.
Now it sounds like an axel thing.

However, there is a far easier way to check.
I believe you also stated that this dealer had 5 cars.
Why not test drive to see if you feel the same thing in another FiST?
I've been talking t them, the lowest they would go is 20,500

Hello everyone,

Im working a deal right now on a 2019 Ford Fiesta ST, it has 36 miles on it now which I put 30 on myself. Love the car, 2nd and 3rd gear is insane. 1st gear taking off feels weird, like something is grabbing in the powertrain, any ideas on that?

right now out the door price is 18,663.82. Not planning on getting any add ons or extended warranties. Does this sound like a good deal? I used a friends X Plan to get the lowest price possible.


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I just got my 2019 Fiesta ST on monday and... it was from the same dealership haha. I got the same color but with the ricaro seats. For what I ended up paying, I'd say they gave you a pretty fair offer. Idk enough to give you advice about your 1st gear issue though, mine doesn't feel weird. Congrats, maybe I'll see you driving around.

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