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COBB AP V3, COBB RMM, and modbargains.com

This is a review of my dealings with modbargains.com and a small review of the COBB AP V3 stage1 with filter and the COBB RMM for the Fiesta ST.

I purchased these through modbargains.com, I dealt with Jurrian.
The man could not have been easier and more friendly to work with.
Gave me a great deal on the package together, better than anywhere else, as well as helping me get the products very quickly.
They did not have the AP V3 with the filter package in stock @ modbargains, so Jurrian went out of his way to contact COBB and have it shipped directly from their warehouse to me, with modbargains eating the additional shipping cost, so that I didn't have to wait 2+ weeks for my product.
This was absolutely awesome.
The AP V3 arrived Thursday, I ordered the previous Thursday at about 9pm, so 6 days (this includes overlapping a weekend and with memorial day), with the RMM coming the following day (yesterday).
Jurrian was a pleasure to work with, and comes highly recommended to any of you interested in parts for your Fiesta ST should definitely contact him immediately.

Mini review of parts:

COBB AP V3: I owned an AP V2 on my 2011 WRX. This one is just better. It's slightly smaller, comes with a nice magnetic cradle to hold the AP where you want it. I think the double stick tape attachment needs to be redone for our car. We have a porous rubber dash, so it's not the best to stick it to. I purchased a $9 garmin suction cup for the windshield, and it attaches to that nicely. I think COBB should at least offer this as an option. The stage1 tune with the greenfilter is very nice. Much snappier throttle, especially down low, with no torque limiting in 1st and 2nd gear. The car is really alive from a standstill and in traffic now. On the highway, I notice I don't have to downshift from 6th gear on a normal passing maneuver, nor do I have to downshift when going uphill/elevation increases. The sound from the intake is more noticeable now as well. You get a nice "whoosh" sound under WOT now. Not as much as with an SRI/CAI, but still more than stock. I like it, others may wish to stick with just the stage1 reflash with the stock filter. I've noticed a slight dip in fuel economy directly proportional to my increased heaviness of my right foot. When I took it easy I saw an increase in the fuel economy, by about 1.8-2.2 mpg over what I was getting before.
Having it up on the dash for spirited runs gives me a nice readout of things going on within my vehicle (boost pressure, oil temp, whatever 10000000000 other gauges you want to customize to use) as well.
-cheap, bang for the buck power (you can google the dynos)
-easy to install
-easy to operate
-easy to read full color screen
-built in engine readouts on many things
-improved low end throttle response
-improved low end torque
-improved fuel economy IF you don't drive it like you stole it
-less highway shifting to pass normally

-none really that I can see, other than maybe torching your tires if you are going from a standstill WOT like a newb, with some increased TQ steer in low gears during WOT

COBB RMM (rear motor mount): As many of you probably know, our rear motor mount is made of JELL-O (not really, JELL-O is probably firmer) and likes to give a nice, audible "bang" when shifting hard. Aside from the annoying sound, this can cause difficulty/stiffness with shifting, as well as increased wheel-hop during hard acceleration due to the weight shifting. The RMM removes this. By stiffening the front-rear pitch of the engine during load, the gear engagement under load is much better, as well as reduced wheel-hop during spirited acceleration. There is no noticeable increase in vibration at idle (as others have noted, maybe I just don't notice, my girlfriend doesn't notice it and she's really picky about that stuff) and there is ZERO change in noise/vibration while moving/driving. The vehicle does not lurch, especially during 1st-2nd hard shifts. Easy as pie to install, but I also have installed a full supercharger and fuel pump with CAI and motor mounts on a 2010 civic si in my driveway with hand tools and jack stands, so my "ease of installation" isn't the best barometer, but having said that, it was VERY easy, took me about an hour total including prep, jacking the car up and down, and cleanup. There's a DIY video from CJ ponyparts online if you wish to see before undertaking this yourself. It's a tick expensive, but COBB stuff usually is a little pricey, but always top notch quality, so that's personal preference.

-reduced wheel-hop
-reduced lurching during hard shifting
-no "bang" during hard shifting
-improved shift engagement
-Easy to install, but you must have jackstands/ramps and a basic knowledge of basic hand tools

-mild increase in vibration at idle (I don't notice, others might, so try to ride in a vehicle with it before you purchase)
-pricey (there are less expensive options, like the inserts yellow/purple/etc that are available)
-only one flavor (other things, like the inserts, have different levels of stiffness... the COBB RMM might be too stiff for others, and too soft for some)

that's my reviews, any questions feel free to ask, and anybody near the middletown NY area feel free to drop me a line if you want to go for a ride to see the parts in action before you buy :)


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