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Coilover Fitment Questions

Melbourne, Australia
Hey all,

I havent got a ST but i feel this is still relevant as they share the same chassis etc

Got a 09 Fiesta Zetec that i recently brought new shoes for

Rides heaps nice with the new wheels and tyres plenty of grip and now comes the time to get it on the ground a bit more.
I want to go coilovers purely for the fact of i can corner hard as with the stock suspension so making it agile is important, but having a slammed look is what im really after

Had my eyes on a set of BC Racing Coils....they do 2 types a non camber plated front coil or a camber adjustable version....question 1) is will the camber plates fit within my stock mounting position and 2) how do other peoples coils ride and how low have you got them wound down. Lastly 3) do you experince much rubbing running a 215 wide tyre??

Thanks in advance :)

Hey I might have some info you're looking for.

To be specific I don't know the differences between the 09 Fiesta Zetec and my car, 2016 Fiesta ST, but here is what I have.

17x8 et42
215/40R17 Kumho Ecsta PS31
MeisterR ZetaCRD+ coilovers with camber plates and dampening adjustment.

I got them installed by a shop near me, and they don't rub a single bit, I'm not super low, so if you're looking to go lower than 1.4-2 inches I can't tell you what will happen.
I don't have aggressive camber either, I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but I think front was -.5 and the rear was -.8, I can look these numbers up later when I'm home.

The pictures i've seen with the BC coilovers they look very similar to the ones I have in terms of camber plate, but take it with a grain of salt and do more research.
I can't access the camber plates from the engine bay, I can take a picture within a few days to show you what I mean, but the differences in body might be more than I expect.

Wheel fit will depend on offset.

Here is what mine looks like with a 1.4-2in drop.


In order to get to the camber plates you pretty much have to enlarge the center hole a lot It can be done with judicious use of a couple of hole saws. . Then you still have the issue of trying to get under the cowl to adjust.

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