welcomes VargasTurboTech


Please help us extend a warm welcome to our new Vendor VargasTurboTech!


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Welcome !
Welcome VargasTurboTech [welcome]
Thanks, guys! We are excited to be here. Many thought the VTT Fiesta ST cast turbo program was dead. That was not the case at all, we had issues with our previous tuning partner, and we did not want to do any more posting until we had something awesome to show you guys.

We have partnered with another great tuner on your platform, and the first production sample will be delivered to them in a few weeks for thorough testing. We will be making a thread dedicated to the turbo in the next week! Very excited for what is to come!

VTT Team


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Who is your tuner? If you can say


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Who is your tuner? If you can say
I think it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to release that until they are ready to release the product.

We all know who the previous tuner was (and some may remember and understand that whole situation).

I have suddenly noticed a lot of pop-ups from a previously unheard of (by me, anyhow) Tuner from California, Delicious; hmmm.
We will announcing everything in the thread next week. The tuner we partnered is not from California. So no idea who you are referring to, nor is it relevant or important. Just a fair warning, if people want to rehash past drama, it will not be addressed or tolerated. We are here to promote a product, and the testing/technical aspects of that product. If drama is your thing we suggest the facebook groups.

There are many reasons we stopped working with the previous tuner twice now, if you threw them all into a pot, and and boiled them down. You would be left with, we simply could not get along, even giving it two tries. If you are interested in a new product that the platform can benefit from, and are interested in healthy techincal discussion, we welcome it. If you are interested in drama, or negativity, thats not why we are here.

With all that said. We look forward to working with you guys, and the platform.


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Not really caring about the drama, just asking a simple question.
We will announcing everything in the thread next week.
I believe it was answered. We prefer to do one thread, rather than do things in the intro thread.



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They bailed and went back on their word on producing a turbo for this platform leaving everyone hanging.
They were promptly taken behind the wood shed by some members here for not eating their meat! How can you have any pudding? ...If you don't eat your meat? [smackbum]