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M-SPORT unveils new Fiesta rally car

Hartford, CT, USA
This seems to be the replacement for the R2s, with some nice upgrades. [thumb] [:)]
Most notably, it's an R2 with all wheel drive! That's got to be a ton of fun.

Actually, I don't think it will replace the R2, it's for a new category entirely for AWD cars. From WRC:

"The Rally3 car sits in the midpoint of the FIA’s rally pyramid. It lies below the Fiestas driven by Esapekka Lappi, Teemu Suninen and Gus Greensmith in the WRC’s headline class, and the Rally2 car campaigned in WRC 2 and WRC 3 by drivers such as Adrien Fourmaux.

The launch of the four-wheel drive machine, which is expected to be homologated for competition on 1 March next year, means M-Sport is currently the only manufacturer to offer a car at every pyramid level."

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M-Sport fan

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Solebury, Pa.
Yes, you are correct, as the FIA keeps adding new classes by the microsecond, it seems. LOL
But yeah, comparing new to new to the R5s (let alone the all-out WRCs), these will be enough less coin to purchase, and run/maintain, that it may bring that many more competitors into the sport. [thumb]

Now, if we would only have some ARA events sometime next year (those vaccines cannot get here soon enough, yes for even much more important reasons than this, of course!! [wink]), I am sure that McKenna Motorsports will bring more than a few of these over for arrive and drives, as well as outright purchases by financially 'comfortable' crews, and we can see them driven in anger on the U.S. rally stages. [:)]

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