Official Kona Blue Fiesta ST Pictures Thread

Please use this thread to post all Kona Blue Fiesta ST pictures.
My 2016 after a bath:

The paint really comes alive in the sun:
My 16 after a spirited little drive

just wanted to pop in from the P. Blue club and say this new blue is looking sharp! Keep it up guys, can't wait to see how you decide to mod!
Probably my favorite blue Ford offers on their vehicles besides Grabber Blue! And after seeing ogminlo's picture, I'm tempted to find some black wheels for mine, they look great!


After months of lurking on the forums, price shopping, and watching countless online car reviews, I finally pulled the trigger! The dealer's going to tint the windows to 25%. I get to pick it up on Tuesday!! It has a sunroof and navigation.

I'm going on a 1600 mile road trip in early May which passes through the Tail of the Dragon, so look forward to updates. Here a link to the picture if it doesn't show up (



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I've had mine a few weeks now, love the color as I had it on my 2011 Mustang GT as well. It was between this color and the Shadow Black, the only difference in the cars that made me think about the black was it had Recaro seats...not worth having a black car for. Love this car so far. Debadged it within 24 hours.

I like that you dont have the front plate bracket and you dont have the ugly holes!


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It was there, and there are holes...just hard to see in that pic. Absolutely pissed me off about that plate. First, plenty of options for Ford to mount it and they drill it in the bumper? Second, it's riveted? I found out that gem after I disassembled the entire bumper to unbolt the bolts that were holding it on, only to see there were no bolts. Ended up drilling the bastards out. Did that and all the dealer installed advertising the first day of ownership.
Adding my Kona Blue from Miami, FL to your already great pictures



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The black wheels look good on there.
2016 Kona Blue

image2.JPG image1.JPG

Bought my Kona Blue in June. Just wanted to throw up some pictures. Currently stock with plans of an intake, exhaust, motor mount, and short shifter within the next few months. The car in orange is my buddy's SRT8 challenger. I think the Kona Blue and the Toro Red complement each other quite nicely...