Official Oxford White Fiesta ST Picture Thread

Please use this thread to post all Oxford White Fiesta ST pictures.

whyyyyyyyy are there no other posts in here?! C'mon!



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Ya know, I've had a couple of white cars over the years and thought I was done with them. Had my sights set on a couple of different colors for the future FiST, but darned if that Oxford White isn't the one I want. Life is strange.
Not Oxford White, but frozen white and FiST anyway :)
My ride....

got bored again and went to a parking garage. car is still bone stock until next week :)

C'mon guys, where's the rest of ya?!

The people in this thread make me so sad. My family and I are contemplating whether or not I can get a new car, or my mom gets the new car. I haven't shut up about getting a '14 FiST, and I really want an Oxford White one with tinted windows, black rims, and a couple smaller mods..

Great looking cars though!

image sharing

I recommend the ford black mirror caps. They come in the box in gloss black plastic and in a soft bag.