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FS Part Out Sale

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Highland, CA, USA
Hello everyone I hope all is well.

I have decided to not continue the Fiesta build as a few things have happened throughout the year that has set me back a bit. So i am selling almost everything I have available so far that i have taken off the car. All items were on the car for less than 1000 miles. I am willing to ship the smaller items but really want the bigger items to be picked up locally. I am located in Northern Ohio. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Cobb Access port V3 with A Pillar mount - $420 OBO (Depending on price negotiated shipping included.)
Damond Motorsports Catch Can - $200 OBO (Depending on price negotiated shipping included.)
Silvers Neomax Coilovers - $950 OBO (Local Pick up is best but willing to ship if the buyer pays the cost)
17 in Fifteen52 Tarmacs Wrapped in 215/40/17 Federal 595 Pro's With Redi Sensors - $1250 OBO ( I will include the Spline black lug nuts with these for mounting. Also Tread is near new as i did not put many miles on them)

I will have a Cobb Intake for sale also as i just need to remove it from the car this weekend will be asking $250 OBO
Last thing i have is the Cobb Down Pipe and Cobb Cat Back that are still on the car. I am willing to trade someone for the stock system and some cash on top.
Do you still have the wheels ?

Delaware, OH, USA
Thread Starter #29
Wheels and Coilovers have been sold. All I have left is the wing risers that I have yet to Uninstaller and the Cobb downpipe, and Cobb exhaust system. I really need to take off the exhaust but need a stock one to install. If anyone is interested in a trade let me know.

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