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Revo RT330 "Surge"

Hi Chaps,

As stated I think we need to get a seperate thread on this,

The "Issue" has been raised on Revo's Facebook page in the last 24 hours and one of the Revo guys has responded, I cant work out how to get a link to it so unfortunatly it'll be a copy and past job for now,

Matthias Mathis McCarthy (22 hrs)

I have a question. I have been hearing rumours that the RT330 suffer from compressor surge is this true please

In response to that some one commented:

Jake Bartlett
It’s not surge it’s how the boost is controlled The Throttle body opens and closes at a very fast rate to stop over boost. This happens at around 3-4k rpm which is when your running peak boost.
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Paul From Revo then tried to clarify

Paul Clements
Sorry this is my fault, I didn't explain it very well to Jake Bartlett. On the Revo tuning the throttle closes to control and stop overboosting and there for at peak boost you can see slight oscillation. With an open cone system you can hear a slight sound as the charged air pressure changes. On some of the third party tuning the control throttle body has been jumping around within hundreds of rpm, mostly at lower rpm which could cause surge issues. However this isn't the case with the Revo software. Also If the wastegate's duty cycle is too aggressive for the requested charge then it may cause throttle close and flutuations which is also something thats controlled correctly with Revo software.

Paul Clements
This is what should have been typed... It’s not surge it’s how the boost is controlled. If the Throttle body opens and closes at a very fast rate to stop over boost then you may see surging issues. This happens at around 3-4k rpm which is when your running peak boost.

Perhaps we need to detail the types of issues seen by those with it installed, I know lots of people have the noise running Revo software but is there any symptoms other than the noise? be intresting to see if there is a trend,

Car Spec:
XXX turbo back exhuast
XXX intercooler
XXX Dump/recirc valve
Revo or Custom Mapping
What are your symptoms?
Parts you have replaced? did they solve it?

Im still sat watching this closely before having it put on my car, I would be running very similar to NS2727

- RT330 Turbo
- Undecided on intercooler (J-line/Mishi bolt on or Airtec stage 3)
- Revo induction system
- Revo hot and cold charge pipes
- Miltek de-cat
- 2.75" Miltek cat back system.
Dania Beach
Here in the States we've been having tons of issues with the RT330 due to tuning. Same issue as described there.
Car Spec:
2018 Fiesta ST (EU Spec)
RT330 Kit installed by Revo authorised dealer in Cape Town - they took 7 workdays to install the kit and tune the car. Apparently Revo UK assisted the Cape Town dealer to get a tune that works. Our fuel quality is also not very good.
Custom Fitted turbo back exhaust, decat
Airtec Stage3 intercooler
No Dump/recirc valves
Revo mapping
RAMAIR Performance Cone Air Filter & Heatshield Induction Kit (no crossover pipe or intake hose)

Symptoms: Basically just the noise from 3000 RPM on wide open throttle - it just does not seem normal...
The boost solenoid was replaced during the upgrade because it was faulty, but it seems it is done on most cars with the RT330 turbo. My car was just 7 months old from new when the upgrade was done. I had the boost solenoid tested afterwards and the auto electrician said there is nothing wrong with the original solenoid.
I have done more than 5000km since the upgrade and I have not experience anything other than the noise.
Fuel consumption has definitely suffer since the upgrade even when I drive with a very light foot, but it is more of an observation than anything else. I did not install the RT330 for fuel economy...
I have done 2 track days (3 sessions of 15 minutes on each track day) since the upgrade and the car performed without any issues.

Below is a screen print of a dyno run of my vehicle at an independent tuning shop after the RT330 upgrade. I also did a dyno run before the RT330 kit was installed and those are the two graphs that you will see. On the run before the RT330 kit it was basically Stage2 - everything that I listed except for the RT330 kit. Interesting to note that my torque on stage2 was more than what I got after the RT330 kit, but you can have a look for yourself.
I think my car is tuned very conservatively but most likely they followed a conservative approach because of the "boost issues" that they experienced during the tuning period. But that is just my opinion...
Fiesta ST dyno run.png
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Thanks Gustav,

It gives me confidence its just the noise,

My thoughts inital thoughts on your spec is:

Might be worth having a look at a GFB DV+ they seem to be popular in the UK as the stock valves are only plastic and can break, especially when upgrading turbo's

I seem to recall some people having issues with the Ramair intakes in the UK, but Im not confident as to what the problem was, and i know the US cars run differnt intake sensors so not sure how a SA set up looks, but if its running fine I wouldnt worry about changing it

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