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FS 2015 FiST - Stock - One Owner - Cincinnati OH

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Cincinnati, OH, USA
Highlights: This is my 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. I purchased it new and it’s been my daily driver. I have all documents from regular maintenance and other purchases. This car has no material modifications (only a K&N filter and symposer delete).

$13,600 OBO
52k miles
VIN: 3FADP4GX7FM220237

Features Specific to this ST:
Upgraded leather and heated seats, as well as a sunroof, all from the factory.
I purchased the car with an extended warranty and it expires at 6 years or 60k miles.

Additional details:
This car is a single owner and has been in no accidents. It has been garaged for a big portion of its life (while I’m at work) and most miles are from highway usage.
The tires are new as of last year and the brakes have only a few mms of wear on them. There are no mechanical issues I’m aware of and I welcome a pre-purchase inspection.

52k miles
VIN: 3FADP4GX7FM220237

Please tell me if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures. Thanks!
614-805-2699 62B94D97-D8C9-4D5C-8444-4A4E176157D6.jpeg 74F115C5-7E02-4699-8F7C-3F1AEB30523C.jpeg 6611AF40-8858-4427-8498-BC83F8694FF1.jpeg 90F15298-46E7-498C-BAA3-1295E7C450ED.jpeg B956B103-5C15-4753-8E5A-917E6529C2F0.jpeg 582D131D-1F11-4798-AB3E-E0EFF9721DD9.jpeg 22124839-1274-4C4E-93CB-B1C703729488.jpeg 85FC0F4E-EC11-4A3B-8E19-38253267633A.jpeg 3E13C99F-D18D-4B04-B29F-09BB5251459F.jpeg 65969FB7-08BD-4024-B79B-2CA52BC990D3.jpeg 8E0AE0AE-3F94-4059-89A6-6547703E5C7B.jpeg FC218850-1339-4C58-A4BE-A8D60B059129.jpeg 5EC92DB6-B0A4-46D6-B1EF-4B323F677279.jpeg 9FAFA14F-A8D2-42D9-825D-B2DB208C85ED.jpeg FC8E61D1-C422-4144-B0A0-7818BD2697E2.jpeg D41F335E-240C-4C91-A8AA-C5202DC016FC.jpeg 218E927A-28C1-4B63-87FC-873100DF3D04.jpeg F17A1605-52AD-41D6-9D7A-2B60878147A1.jpeg 07E12D3A-E6F9-4216-B6E2-1B03C8860847.jpeg ED12AC64-927F-4D17-889E-2E3662998D27.jpeg

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