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Breaks wont let go! Hill assist not working properly

So Ive had this problem ever since I got the car. Whenever hill assist is on and Im on an incline, it will hold the car but then it would't let go if I go forward and my brakes would drag. Sometimes when I would turn it off in the settings it would release the brakes but sometimes I would have to go under the car and release some brake fluid to let the brakes go. Such a pain to do when driving. Also when I do fairly aggressive braking the braks seem like they start sticking and not letting go. Ive already replaced my brakes because they got so hot once, they overheated and cracked the pads. All the guide pins move smoothly and i have no lights on the dash. The only thing I get is "immobilizer malfunction, service soon", but I think that has nothing to do with it, since the car drives normaly. I get that warning on a cold start and it rings on and off for a couple minutes and goes away (really annoying). So Im very confused and desperate for help. I drove for a couple months strait with no problems and then it comes back (hill start assist never worked, and would't let go of the breaks). Its always bothering me because I never know when itll lock up at the next stop light or something.Planning to go to the dealer tommorow, but thought I would look for help before I go in. :(

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Marin County
Nothing to add but do your realize you called them both brakes and breaks? And went back and forth between the 2 at least 4 times? [scratch]