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FS CA - 2016 Magnetic fiST With 30k Miles $14,900

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Huntington Beach
Hi there, I’m selling my great condition ST with relatively low mileage (about 30,900). It’s a one owner car with no accidents and a clean title. My price is $16,000 or best offer. The car is in SOCAL and it’s local pickup only. It has quite a few tasteful mods (I still have all of the stock parts), and it’ll come with a COBB shift knob. Shoot me a text 714 655 9860 BF026A4D-267C-4703-9ED8-C50A0871CA43.jpeg 5D748051-1A16-439A-96C8-FCC4E006984F.jpeg AADA42A9-9548-4E7C-A6BF-9B997966D7BA.jpeg BF026A4D-267C-4703-9ED8-C50A0871CA43.jpeg 5D748051-1A16-439A-96C8-FCC4E006984F.jpeg AADA42A9-9548-4E7C-A6BF-9B997966D7BA.jpeg 51157AFA-1909-4F51-90D6-46CB1DEC717E.jpeg 0589CA8E-0E75-4530-B832-389840E1B72E.jpeg DC8647D7-1DA7-4D66-9A24-AB7206241D86.jpeg 7ADF69C7-F6AB-4DCD-B58D-292DDA9BABC1.jpeg 9A6ABD83-FD57-4DF7-B272-8AB48E0AD526.jpeg D24BA998-29E5-4EAB-98C0-BD0E296135DB.jpeg 0A462EB4-CAC8-4A4D-A4E3-A79177B0CF2E.jpeg F0CA04A5-1508-4C10-A6A9-ED7EF8A8B1E0.jpeg A9789A34-837A-438D-A141-F1B1855FEC62.jpeg B7F3E476-C447-445E-84A4-E10620FA494A.jpeg 670BCE27-8526-4279-B226-790AE6A213CA.jpeg D05B1E7C-F69D-4388-8481-645B48561C5E.jpeg 9E6A0C9A-AC39-4840-8B35-6F8D773989D5.jpeg 1822F938-CA86-4F21-9AFB-35328CEA2D40.jpeg