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Ecoboost Install shops In Mn?


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For those of you here in Mn. Is there a good local business that allows you to bring your own parts for them to install such as an LSD setup ? And they have good Exp on Ecoboost ST products? Asking for a friend....

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St. Paul
Auto Edge (http://www.auto-edge.com/) in Mahtomedi is a great shop, not cheap (I believe $140/hr) but regularly work/race on nice Porches and other euro imports. They are more of a euro shop (I suppose our Fiesta's are sorta euro) however have no hang-ups working on anything (my pops brings his mini, and Diesel Ram 3500 there for service as needed).

As a raceish shop they are also awesome for suspension setup for cars as well. They are also good with supplying your own parts.

Worth a call at least.

Another place that does have a shop but is a bit more limited on working with customer supplied parts is MAPerformance in Cottage Grove, MN. I'd call and see what work they do before planning on that one. they did have a shop Fiesta ST in the past and have developed mods for it themselves. They also had a small presence on the forum in years past.

I'd be interested in where you end up as well, so post who you ended up going to.

Bloomington, MN, USA
I am also interested where you end up. I keep lusting after an LSD, but I'm not sure who could do the install in MN. If you were on facebook @TyphoonFiST I'd suggest reaching out to the MNSTs group; they are a wealth of knowledge for this type of info. But alas, you're stuck in the 20th century. LOL ;-)
Just playin' man. Good luck. Let us know what you find!

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