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Meister R GT1 Best Spring Rate


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New york
I currently have the Bilstein b14 and find them to be to soft, allowing too much body roll with slight understeer. My suspension mods are Pierce Motorsports 6 point brace, rear torsion bar, strut tower brace and white line adjustable front sway bar endlinks. With this set up I was getting understeer, so I installed a hotchkis rear sway bar thinking it would solve my understeer problem. While it kept the rear much more planted and the car much more precise, I still have understeer. I’m hoping the Meister R GT1 will help but don’t know what spring rates to go with to help me get that neutral and flat responsive handling. I was thinking either 6k or 7k in front and either keep it the same in the rear or go one down from the front.
email Jerrick at Meister R, he is a great guy and will help you get your car to your specific goals. sales@meisterr.com. I personally went with 8K in front and rear and I know some people will think that is too much but when you dial down the damper stiffness driving around town isn't as bad as you would think. With saying that, when you go full stiff with that set up it is VERY VERY harsh driving on the street and don't really recommend it lol reserve that for the track only. [wrenchin]


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The first questions when it comes to springs rate is what tires are you using?
The second question is what do you want to do with the car?

Tires is the only thing on the car that generate grip, and that is why all vehicle dynamic calculation start off from the tires.
Knowing what tires are being use for what purposes is the basic of recommending suspension to suit it's purposes.

For normal road going high performance tires, I would say the tried and tested 5/3 work very well.
If you are going to go with high grip compound tires, then going up to 8/8 is the ball park I will aim at.
Then you also have option of going to a coilovers rear, and that will change the required springs rate... but I don't recommend that unless you have a cage in the car for reinforcement.

Aside from getting neutral balance, you also got to worry about safety.
A great track car may have very good balance, but that back end may kick out and not want to come back.
Not a problem when you are alert and on the track... might be quite a bit more alarming (not to mention dangerous) if that happen on a cold wet Monday morning commute when you are not expecting it.

We have a few option, drop me an E-mail at sales@meisterr.com and I'll be happy to talk you through and recommend what I feel suit you best.
The one thing to remember is that stiffer isn't always better... everything works together as a package. :)