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GB STBRAKEFLASHERS - 3rd Brake Light Flasher FALL 2017 GROUP BUY THROUGH 10/31/17

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Bogotá D.C

As a part time gig, I create 3rd brake light flashers for ST/RS models. Between Facebook and the FiestaSTForum I have successfully helped out over 75 ST owners add-on the flasher unit. The flasher contains a microprocessor which detects when the brake pedal is pressed, causing the 3rd brake light to flash at a slow or fast speed 4 times before going solid.

Why do I need this?
- Grabs drivers attention, responding faster to quick braking
- Reduces chances of other drivers tailgating, lowering your chances of being in a rear-end collision
- California DOT recently required all dealerships to offer a 3rd brake light flasher module on new vehicles

How does it work?
There is a microprocessor module with 3 wires, power, constant power and a ground. The module detects when you brake and causes the brake light to flash 3 times before going solid. After being off the brake pedal for 5 seconds it will flash again when you apply the brake pedal.

How do I install it?
All you have to do it use a T20 torx bit to remove the 3rd brake light from the spoiler, pull out the wiring, cut the power wire (blue/white) a few inches away from the light connector, splice in the black power wire to the vehicle end of the power wire, splice in the yellow power wire to the connector end. Use the bullet quick splice to add the connector to the black/purple ground wire, squeeze closed and plug in the black wire from the flasher into the quick splice connector.

How does the flashing sequence work?
For those wondering how the flash sequence works, check out the videos below to see the difference between the slow and fast flash speeds.

How do I buy?
Go to my website www.stbrakeflashers.com, click the Shop Now button to be taken to the product page. On the slow and fast flasher pages includes a demo video showing the flasher speed and a description. Enter promo code GROUPBUYDEAL during checkout to get the group buy special price. If you purchase on the site, please let me know so I can add you to the list below.

When will I receive my flasher?
The turn around time is usually 2 weeks or less once the group buy ends.

Slow flashing
]View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ9UdnDnZGY[/video]

Fast flashing
]View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbBV7mQGQ9c[/video]

Installation video courtest of [MENTION=38722]mcflyin619[/MENTION]
]View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RQ9NYyu2z0[/video]

GROUP BUY PRICE IS $36 PER FLASHER. Enter promo code "SPECIALPRICE" during checkout to get the discount on the website. No sign-up or waiting needed.

VALID UNTIL 10/31/17
The webpage is no longer available. Any insights? I might buy 1.


Miami, FL, USA
I don't think this guy has commented since 2019. I recommend going on amazon and searching GS-100a. That's the strobe controller that will give you this same effect.


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Well I have a complete list of parts for this whole ordeal...if anyone would like it feel free to contact me.


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Thanks @TyphoonFiST for the list of goodies! He recommended the same GS-100a like @Remi did. So i added all to the cart and got curious. I found videos of the flashing pattern and I don't like the fast then slow then solid. So I found a couple of options that are programmable, but a tad more expensive. I'm going to go with this guy --> Brake Flasher M2 and the connectors @TyphoonFiST sent me. Here's the M2 pdf manual. Lays out all the programming options.

This one is also programmable and a bit cheaper but doesn't look like it'll survive the elements --> United Pacific Brake Flasher.