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Updated: Mishimoto Dyno Results - 310whp / 323wtq on a stock 2016 Focus RS


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Third actually doesn't inflate numbers, it reduces them. Less so on a properly calibrated dyno. This is mostly because a higher gear adds higher load to the drivetrain/powertrain.

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Well since this thread has already gone off the rails, I will just add my recent experience to validate this. I went into the dealer for 10,000 mile service just to keep them happy in case I have any warranty claims down the line. The next day I am driving home and start smelling oil. I figure they probably overfilled or something. I get home and open the hood and the cap is sitting in the front of the engine bay and oil is splattered all over the place. Idiot forgot to put the cap on after filling it. How do you manage to fuck up an oil change?
Had the exact thing happen on my Nissan Altima 3.5 twice. One time they left the dip stick out. It was sandwiched between the engine cover and the hood blanket. This change was done in the winter. About a week after the change, I got stuck in some snow, so was rocking the car and getting on the gas a little and could smell burning oil. Because I was on the gas, the oil was blowing out of the dipstick tube all over the engine and engine blanket on the hood. The dealer cleaned the engine, but I should have insisted on a new hood blanket as I could smell oil for a long time after. Anyway, a few changes later, they left the oil fill cap off, again sandwiched between the engine cover and hood blanket. I caught this right away as after the first instance, I always took a quick look under the hood after a change.
I do as much as I can on my cars as my confidence in most dealers and shops is kind of on the low side.


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For what it's worth, I'm not saying that the Fiesta ST is better than the RS because a lightly modified one kept up with it from a roll. I'm simply pointing out that our car is still plenty impressive and frankly, quite underrated.
My point is similar. As a daily driver my FiST is WAY more car than I actually need. 80% of my driving is from 0-45 mph, I'll take ultimate fun (light and punchy FiST) over ultimate performance (Focus RS) any day.

It's awesome that Ford is coming out with so many interesting cars for people who like driving. Lots of choices is the best thing ever.