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  1. OAKOS Automotive

    16x8" RPF1s ARE IN STOCK! ~ ORDER NOW!

    Why Buy From OAKOS? (Initial dry test fit) Happy to say that these are now in stock are ready to ship!! Pre-orders have been shipped, and payment reminders sent to people with deposits. Availability is limited to 10 SETS for the first run. They can be found on our website here...
  2. OAKOS Automotive


    Why Buy From OAKOS? I'm sure many of you have seen our custom runs of RPF1s in the 4x108 bolt pattern. If you don't know, these have been offered in what we concluded to be the best available size option: 16x7" +43mm During this original group buy a 16x8" was asked for, we discussed it in...
  3. ileftthestoveon

    Dynojet vs. Mustang Dyno

    Since we are starting to see dynamometers being talked about, I thought it may be helpful to have an explanation of the different dynos being referenced, for those who are less familiar with them (like myself). I found this posted on a Evo forum, seems to be a pretty good summary of the Mustang...
  4. rooSTer

    How many people would be insterested in a 4x108 to 5x108 redrilled hubs and rotors?

    What these does is allow you to is use 5x108 wheels on the Fiesta ST.
  5. Perry

    Painting brake calipers

    All-- I have what I hope is a quick and easy query for the knowledgeable sorts re: painting brake calipers. I did not go with the Rado Gray wheels/red-painted calipers package--mainly 'cause I didn't care for the wheels, and I certainly wasn't going to spend several hundred dollars to get red...
  6. Harvick

    Anyone hear the news about fifteen52 working on a Fiesta ST project?

    I spoke with fifteen52 the other day and they said they had two Fiesta STs coming to their shop soon. Not sure on the details but it would be great to see them build a Fiesta TrackSTer. Focus TrackSTer from the Chicago Auto Show
  7. ileftthestoveon

    Cars and Coffee

    I just found out Columbus has a Cars and Coffee group so I decided to check it out this past weekend. Due to the less than great weather there was a rather small turnout but still fun. While I was there someone managed to get a few good photos of my ST and it shows up quite a bit in a short...
  8. R

    rodmoe's Blue by You Build

    Picked up PB FiST Mid Oct 2013 Played around with SVT stock rims and 225/45/17 Dunlop DZll but turned out as heavy as stock and rubbed without spacers. Decided to Coat the SVT wheels for tweener season use when snow tires are not needed but it is too cold for Summer tires going to wrap...
  9. L

    Really like Fiesta ST. How does it compare?

    I really like the Fiesta ST. I'd like a white one with the Recaros. I might be interested in the Rado wheels, but not sure yet..... What is the real world price like on these? I live in the Atlanta area. Also, I currently own a 08 S2000, an Evo 8, and a 00 Civic Si. I know we are talking about...