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Isabella de la fiesta

Chesapeake, VA, USA
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Maybe that's why they switched bearing manufacturers. They use Kings now. I was planning on going with a thicker weight oil this time. 10w 30 probably. Also, that sounds to me like it could be a qa problem too. Maybe they didn't use the right torques or incorrectly installed the bearings. It could just be your motor or it could have been a couple. They've had problems with the x47 so it doesn't surprise me that some motors may come out with defects.

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Tallinn, Estonia
Bought it a month ago, it was ACL what they offered then. Anyway seems like a careless assembly error, installing them with too tight clearances(they can be measured from the remaining rods).

Problem is amplified if we also start using higher viscosity oil to handle higher oil temperatures. Ford's oil pump keeps a constant pressure around 45psi, even at 7000 RPM. Take that RPM, increased rod/piston weight, tighter clearance, thicker oil and higher load(more flex) and we could run into a problem real quick.

Anyway it is something that is rather easy and cheap to check, compared to the possible costs if something happens when left unchecked.

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