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PSA on wheel well rust

Grass Lake
That rust started in the seam where the outer door panel skin is folded over the doorframe stamping. That is done prior to the primer and paint finish. Any touch-up work is just a waste of time, the panel seams retain moisture and will continue the corrosion process no matter what is done, short of getting new, properly treated door shells and panels.
I just picked up a new service replacement hood at just over cost. So, I will be installing the WRC type vents prior to fresh paint and a good application of rustproofing the inside perimeter!
The front doors are quickly rusting. They are next in line to get replacement. After that, I guess the replacement tasks will be tackled as the problem develops. The daily beater Focus 3door I use to avoid exposing the FiST to the winter, has cleaner doors than my 16 Fiesta!

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