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Shock dyno/tuning



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About how shocks will moisten your driving experience? WTF, apparently the author doesn't know the difference in damping and dampening. They are two entirely different things. LOL
There’s compression damping and rebound damping. Basically the shock controlling the spring
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I understand how shocks work. The author of the article doesn't understand how english works and it hurts the credibility of his article.

A shock dyno is especially helpful in determining the condition of shocks. With time and use, many shocks will lose the ability to sufficiently dampen. This could be a result of damage, wear or improper use. Whatever the case may be, it is important to have a quantifiable means to determine the condition of shocks before moving forward with costly repairs or replacements.
The shocks damp motion, not moisten motion. Dampening is wetting something down. Not the same thing.

I give the author credit, they actually put useful information in the article and they used CVP plot which actually paints an accurate picture of what is happening inside the damper. Most shock builders "lie" and conceal the truth by using a PVP chart. Thus hiding what their shocks actually do and not really telling the customer anything useful about the shock. Also love the shock builders that zero the charts. That also doesn't tell the actual story of what the damper does in the real world.

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