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Timing belt change-troubleshooting and tips

Just wanted to share my experience incase anyone else encounters this problem when they go to change the timing belt. I read the service manual watched multiple videos before starting. Once I got everything apart, put in the cam locks, crank lock and flywheel lock it was time to pull the crank pulley. Just my luck it was stuck. Impact wouldnt remove it so I got a long breaker bar and pulled like hell. First time the cheap fly wheel lock broke. Luckily I had a second better one. Tried again and the bolt broke free with a large jolt. Got it put back together the engine spun freely and the timing marks on the cams lined up but it wouldnt run. Took it all apart again and found the timing marks were off when the engine was at TDC. When the bolt came free the flywheel jumped a tooth on the lock and the crank moved.
My advice is before you put it back together check the crank timing by removing the flywheel lock and then spin the crank clockwise to make sure it is against the stopper that you installed in the back of the block. To do this I used my old bolt and just reinstalled lightly so I could turn the crank. Once it's back in time reinstall the flywheel lock and removed the old bolt. Then you are ready to install the the timing belt and everything should be back in time.
Good luck!

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