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What’s the noise at full throttle

Metro Detroit
IMO what the dealer won't like is the blow off mods for the turbo. They also wont like a non factory tune. That does have the potential to increase power output and that can lead to an entire cascade of potential issues. As for the pretty hoses and larger coolers, there is no risk of harm to the engine and increased cooling actually has the potential for extending engine life.

BTW, I have the exact same intake, induction, and radiator as what you are running and see the dealer for every oil change. What I've done to my car is not an issue for my dealer. One difference is that I haven't sought out a Tune, the car is currently traction limited in 1st, 2nd, and at times 3rd and I see no benefit for increasing the power. What I do like is getting better than 33 mpg for City driving and I suspect that there isn't a tune out there that can beat the factory tune in this particular area.