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A group 48 Battery? Oh yes it can be done!



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I finally got around to this but ended up using a group 47, which is a bit taller than the 96R.
Went to the local interstate and the 48 was longer than the 47, both were about the same height and around the same price.
There was another thread where someone had said they replaced the terminal, i didnt have to. I did however, remove the airbox and separated the main battery harness, which allowed just enough room for it to fit over the group 47 battery.
My 96R lasted around 4yr/70k mi
Yeah...His Terminal was completely Facked/ corroded. I also didnt have to replace it. The holding strap had to use bolt extenders due to the height.I modified my Tray also and it fits snug like a bug in a rug! My battery was still good at 50k when I did mine....I couldn't pass up the AGM battery I got for $25 AT autozone after catching it on clearance after I bought it for like $60. Just had them price adjust it down to the final $25.

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