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Ecosport Review With Kudos to FIST


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Grand Haven
Pretty positive review, and more positive than others I have seen. I was really excited for the EcoSport and thought it might be a great replacement for our Escape. The side opening rear tailgate is a no-go for us. You can't open it in the garage and it limits access to just one side. It also looks to have less cargo room than the Fiesta. I am thinking the rear seats are farther back, which reduces the cargo room. While the EcoSport doesn't look much smaller than the Escape, it gives up significant cargo room, which is one of the only reasons we have the Escape. As for mileage, a friend of mine testing a 2.0L AWD on this week reported 12mpg in the city. Would I consider an EcoSport over the Fiesta? No way. Would I consider an EcoSport over the Escape? Nope.

Interesting the article doesn't think the Focus has much of a life left, yet the Fiesta does. That runs counter to just about everything I have heard over the past year.

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