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Sync 3 update on non-nav 2016


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Ford tech guy called today and we talked about 30 minutes on the subject of the updates. First is the WI-FI, he assured me Ford is working to correct the issues, they really do not want hundreds of thousand of cars/trucks coming to dealerships and Ford paying for the updates. He said numerous problems have been reported and they will get it resolved ASAP. Said the reason my car was not attempting the WI-Fi update is the memory problem has non-nav updates flagged as not available so it does not try to update. As to the 2016 non-nav USB update issues it is a memory problem to start with. Nav systems have more memory than non-nav units. He said the way to make the usb update work on non-nav units is to first do a Master Reset to uncouple any phones or bluetooth devices to free memory. Next is the so called "arrangement" issue. It appears some third party unzip apps do not place the files in the correct order and the system locks up or gets into a loop. Said only Windows File Explorer should be used on WIN 8 or 10 to insure the correct order. He also told me what should be used for Apple but I don't do Apple so I really do not remember, sorry. I assume it would be whatever unzip app that comes with the Apple. He said the great majority of calls they get for help are resolved by doing this. Hope this helps.......No, I have not tried it yet!