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What did you do to your Fiesta ST today ?


Active member
Conshohocken, PA
Crazy looking plate. I cant quite zoom in enough what is that for? Never seen anything like that in any state.
It's a "Distracted Driving Awareness Foundation" plate that came out a few months ago in PA. I have always wanted a single digit license plate and since this plate just came out, there were still some available so I went for it. I love the look.
San Antonio
Removed my 2J Intake and reinstalled my OEM location intake. Figment is tight with the 2J intake and I want to think of a better way to route the lines before I throw it back in. Also want to get better clamps, thinking vibrant. Ever since installing it I’ve been worried about lines rubbing with my Damond OCC. Also the coupler that connects to the turbo elbow can die a slow death. Seems like no matter what you do it comes loose. The coupler had worked it’s way up and there was a gap between the elbow and coupler. Also did an oil change and used the behemoth Wix 51516XP, easy to get it in there if you move one of the clamps (pictured) a little. Took a sample and am going to send it to black stone soon. 288CB49A-CCB9-49A2-A310-9CE3A463A314.jpeg B2393C62-8BB0-46F8-8438-97ED350270BF.jpeg 3219FA27-D6C8-4798-8D45-6061CDC58577.jpeg